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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Squash and Fresh Picked Corn

My weekly farmers market is always a joy.

I love watching the season turn, the crops come in, each in its own special time of ripeness.

Nothing says midsummer like corn picked just this morning and sun-ripe tomatoes.
The corn is pale creamy yellow Long Island crop corn....

There's an immense variety of tomatoes now: I got one beefsteak..and a mixed heirlooms pint today.

The early onions are starting to be ready too...these are small sweet cipollinis for weekend grilling....

And these are baby pattypan squash. I had to get them, my family looooves squash! And they are so CUTE! But, um, what do I do now?

I looked them up...can be grilled with the onions and tomatoes, which sounds yummy. Or even better...sauteed in garlic butter...double yum!

Tomorrow I plan to bake a mixed fresh fruit tart I found here in the world of blogging! I'll let you know what happens...



                                 gone to the beach...

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  1. Everything looks fresh and delicious. I have never made patty pan squash but would love to try it. Also, would love to try grilling the baby onions! Thanks for the inspiration, Lizzy!



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