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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have a quandary.....opinions welcome!

I am thrilled to be participating in the upcoming event Where Bloggers Create  http://mydesertcottage.blogspot.com/2010/04/where-bloggers-create-ii.html.

This is the brain child of  Karen Valentine at  My Desert Cottage and this year is sponsored by the fabulous magazine Where Women Create.

Anyone can join in, post pix of their work site. And everyone else can then wander around all the creative and special blogs of the participants! Cool huh? The blog links will be posted for an entire year, so we'll have lots of time to enjoy meeting new artists and snooping around their work spaces.

So here's the thing: While wandering around blogland I have noticed that PALE and/ or white is IN. Now I LOVE pale and white...BUT...my artwork tends to be exuberant...and colorful. My home [where I work] is white, true, with seasonal accents, blue and turquoise in the summr, pumpkin and rust in the fall, red and dill pickle green at Christmas...But okay, it is sorta white.

Now for the quandary: Should I post my pix in brilliant unfashionable " Kodachrome brights", so to speak?

or do we like the toned down, sophisticated look?

 Whaddaya think, people?


                                            gone to the beach~~~~~


  1. Oh...this is a tough one. I am a pastel sort of person but I think you must be true to yourself.

    Hey, we have the same sewing machine!!


  2. Hi Jane! I love my little Brother machine! Just finished another quilt on it, this very evening, in fact!....My kids want to buy me a "better" machine, but I am so not sure....

    Yes I figure the pale-y,artsy look is interesting & fashionable...guess I ll have to do the layout and decide.

    thx for your input!


  3. I think it's a tough call but personally I like the brights. So, you must still be in a quantry. Some will like it bright, some subdued. I just think you need the drama to catch the viewer.

  4. Oh it's gonna be hard to choose! Knowing me I ll post both, just for fun....the reject can be the follow up post, right?
    I think....the artists like color and the designers like white & pale? I actually found myself considering making an all "white" quilt! Just textures and tones...maybe---a Lone Star? Prob never happen!
    Thx for your input, Peggy!


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