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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Completed: Winter '12

Hi! Finito! Yay!

It's so nice to set that final stitch, isn't it! To wrap up the project in pretty paper and send it on its way.
This isn't all I've done this winter, but here's a few things I've finished:
The madly bright traditional baby quilt....

Beautifully quilted by a new quilter found on eBay.

The busy blocks just weren't working til I added the aqua borders to tame things down.

Moving the letters up into the body of the design helped too.

And the cutest ever not-girly backing! OMG I love it.

Guaranteed to make a tired new mom smile....

Then there is the blue baby quilt, one of my random freestyle quilts.

It was eliminated for the above recipients because of its brilliant color, but I was sad, I loved it. So...an extra row of heart blocks...

and NO rubber duckies!

... the top is finished and ready to be quilted. It can go on etsy or into my someday bin, who knows a child might someday visit and LIKE bright colors?

And this is the repro doll quilt from Lori at  Humble Quilts ' quilt along.

I added the pink borders because it seemed too long and narrow, but mostly to stabilize all the bias ruffling at the edges. I can always remove the  bands of pink later.

The backing is this amazing feedsack.

It just needs to be re-layered and squared up, then I will store it in my beach bag for hand quilting under my beach umbrella in June. The original was lightly quilted and also tied with pink pomopom knots, so I have pinned the pink floss to the top, so I remember. Now  all it needs is a story and some long summer days....

More show and tell soon! Thses are not all, oh no...



....gone to the beach