I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Was in my Pocket

Well, not much!
The gentle winter has wreaked subtle havoc with my beachcombing. It takes big wild waves and wind and chaos to unearth [un-sand?] the treasured relics of my beach's past.

Instead the sand is nearly pristine...

a clamshell here,

a feather there...

Instead of gathering odd items I gathered images of larger flotsam....

Wouldn't this make an amazing table? It is well-constructed, of smooth heavy wood, quite large. 6' x 10'? 12'? The pale silvery grey is sunbleached aging, not paint. Satiny smooth. It just needs some cool old legs....oh and a forklift to get it home!

...and brought home only these few shards...below, a piece of a yelloware bowl or crock, quite rare.

some treasure bottles...

a length of rope...

a skeletonized whelk..,,

not pretty now but my trusty can of matte white Rustoleum will make it into a beauty in just minutes1

Too bad there's not Rustoleum make-up for me, huh? Zap...pretty!

remembering summer

Oh well...



gone to the beach.....


  1. oh Lizzy,

    its margaret. whatcha gonna do with the bottles and the rope??? am dying here to know. let me know...hmm esty shop?

    love margaret loved the beach ball as well.

    1. Hi! The bottles will be beach dreams/ treasure bottles like tha Valentine bottle [still unsold :-( ] a few posts back. Or they may have seasalts for Mother's Day?
      The rope will be for strings of shells or driftwood, I ll email you a photo...

      love lizzy

  2. Lizzy,

    Even though it has been mild and not wild enough for you this winter, you still find great stuff!

    I have some old-ish bottles, not nearly so pretty as yours and no good stories to tell about how I got them.

    1. But they can still hold dreams and wishes, right? Or an early spring dandelion for yur kitchen shelf? Plus knowing you...if no story exists, you can always make one up!



  3. As always I love your "eye" and photos. I think you see the same things I would notice if I were there. Your ideas are always beautiful and I'll bet you are too. No need for any rustoleum makeup for you.


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