I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tropical Storm?

Look at this calm and beautiful beach day!
Like a perfect pearl of a day, right?

Is it the calm before the storm? The weather guy says a tropical, no-name storm may come to the beach tomorrow. Hard to believe (if indeed we still had any faith left at all in the Weather Channel, lol!)...

I have lots of projects to keep me happy indoors, including a new doll quilt/ mini-quilt.

Years ago I made doll quilts and then I decided they were fairly useless and a waste of time. My family definitely doesn't like fussy displays of little draped quilty things, or heaven forbid...dolls!
But I had so much fun making Lori's quilt along doll quilt (Humble Quilts) that , when a friend gave me a strip of antique patchwork, I decided to make another.

The strip is very neat! Thousand Pyramids? Birds in the Air? Ocean Waves? Who knows....

Quite old, I'd guess 1880s using fabrics as early as 1850.....

Worth rescuing and making into a small "stripy" or Bars quilt. Notice how the small triangles are grouped and pieced to form larger triangles; they were pieced in these pyramid-type sections.

This old brown "coral" pattern (repro) and double pink I had out on my table gave me the idea for the miniature Bars quilt...

But I actually like this cocoa brown "vermicelli" calico better in person, it has tiny turquoise dots and more importantly makes the tiny triangles "pop"...?

Some parts are in very bad shape, made worse by washing. (Yes but it was so dirty!)...

And more work than it will be worth in the end. I used these antique blocks to make replacement triangle sections...

Interestingly this set of 16 Patch blocks is whipstitched not running stitched/pieced. Which I believe implies an older date of construction? Probably an expert like Barbara Brackman could tell me....These fabrics though seem similar in age to the triangles strip, 1850-80, so...fine.

Probably it would be more time efficient to just make an entirely new quilt. But I love saving these old pieces, imperfect as they are, imperfect as  my efforts are....

It's gonna be, like many of my antique quilt rescues, more redo work than original. But a small hand project for a rainy day and a broken sewing machine...



~~~~gone to the beach

self portrait 6, with wire trash barrel


  1. Lizzy,

    i adored your beach photos the most, altho it did look like pyramids however you spell it to me in the quilt.

    i loved seeing the clouds move in on your last shots as well, it looks so tranquil there, can get lost in the serenity. love margaret

  2. Did a storm come through yesterday? I haven't been watching the news. Our satellite dish seems to be having issues, all the shows are scrambled half the time, so makes watching anything quite frustrating. Love the fact that you are saving these little bits of history. I love the imperfections of them all. In fact, I don't think handmade should ever look perfect, or like it was machine stitched and mass produced -- I love the simple touch of handstitching, made with love. Hope your Friday is fabulous. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Hi Lizzy. Was unable to post on your blog. That's about 3 times now.
    I love what you are doing with your little quilt pieces. You seem to get so many things done.



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