I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Rain Day

"Life is so short and the chance to be still and serene so fleeting; I was grateful for the rain and the respite.The rain tat-tatted away on the roof..."

                                                    North Cairn

A rare rainy Sunday in August!

Not a gentle pitter patter either, the kind of late summer day  where I can take my cameras, head out to walk and beachcomb, visit my shorebirds in peace. Nope, it was pouring, off and on---and more daunting, there was intermittent lightning and thunder.

A day to stay home...

and sew...

as if it was January...

I worked all day on a new supply of lavender hearts...

I resolutely ignored the binding, almost done! on the quilt I've lugged to the beach all week.

I made blue hearts...

and prim hearts...

white hearts...

MORE white hearts...

and pink...

All filled with Cape Cod lavender, smelling so sweetly of that hot perfect day in July....

They are, to me, tiny keepsakes---

---treasured bits of summer to tuck in with the beach towels or linens,

or in with your new fall woolens?

They will bring back that summer day,

 Again and again...

 If only in your---our--- imaginations.

Sunny days still to come! See you at the beach...



....gone to the beach

*Quote is from: North Cairn’s Nature column. It runs every Sunday. She can be reached at ncairn@capecodonline.com.

***hearts will be available here or on my etsy site this week. Just as soon as I can get some good photos...


  1. Hi Lizzy!
    Your hearts are wonderful! I love the whites and blues especially!
    I am posting about my 52 tag tonight and just wanted you to know....thanks again!
    Take care, Laura

  2. Your little hearts are precious, Lizzy. I have to check them out when they are in your shop! :-)


  3. I found your beautiful blog by way of Flea 52! I am now a follower too!
    Your Etsy shop is lovely too.

    Stop by and say hello~

  4. Hello,
    I'm dropping in via 52 flea and the great tag you sent her. I love your white on white lavender hearts...too lazy to make my own I would like to purchase if any become available again in your Etsy shop.

  5. I totally love the hearts! I have got to get my needles and threads out and make some of my very own!
    thanks for inspiring me...

  6. Each and every one of these hearts is beautiful. Love them all! What a pleasant way to spend a rainy day! Best wishes :) Tammy

  7. I love your hearts. They are all so unique and beautiful.

  8. Your hearts are beautiful, I love the way you displayed them, I think my favorite is the cream with the blue stripes I bet they smell delicious!
    oxox, Diane

  9. une belle ballade chez toi gr^ce à flea 52.

    Bonne journée


  10. Your hearts are so sweet! I love the white on white or natural ones. I hope you make more of those! I would love to buy some. You've displayed them beautifully. I just came acorss your blog and am enjoying reading your posts.

  11. Popped in from Laura's. Love your beautiful hearts!

  12. Hi Lizzy ~ I found you from the 52 Flea and I am so glad I did find you! Your hearts are so lovely and so is your blog! Wishing you a great evening ~ Jen


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