I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm Glad I Didn't Wash the Windows ~ And Some Vintage Quilt Blocks

Hi! We had one or two really nice almost-summer days! I spent time on the deck with Mo, endlessly sewing bindings instead of spring cleaning.

And I am glad I did! Because, as my blog friend Kit says, we had a nice day or two then winter returned. Kit lives in Montana so I know it's not just me  with bad weather karma. It just poured! I did a Lazy Girl window wash, ran out in the rain and squeegeed the rain and sand off the windows.

P2 is almost finished; it's one of these projects where the final steps just go on and on. I did get the binding on. I had used this group of 30s repro nautical kiddy fat quarters for the sawtooth edge. I love the vintage look of the seaside and kids in sailor outfits. I'd saved it for years for a special baby quilt, but let's face it, modern mommies want elephant grey quilts, minimal not cute. May as well enjoy it myself.

Then the awful scary moment when the quilt goes in the wash for the first time. Lots of Color Catchers included, and no disasters. I always look forward to seeing the washed quilt, fresh and bright and scrunchy. My quilter did a fantastic job of the quilting, and it was FREE, with her quilt 5/ get on free offer.

Next steps were to resew Kitty's face,

and now I'll sew the Kite bows and label. Kind of an endless task, it seemed.

This is an unused Basket block. It will be the label block because I think it's too pretty to waste. Lovely Lecien blue floral fabric. [for non-quilters, Lecien is an imported fabric resource. It sounds French but I believe the fabrics are from Japan. Colors and style are outstanding. Info HERE]

Mo always likes to help. As soon as anything is set down, he finds it and sits. I wouldn't mind but he also eats threads, and even needles and pins, if left for even a second.

"Needles are so yummy, mommy!"

Bad doggy, being consoled with a tummy rub.


I also spent a fun hour going through the quilt blocks my friend sent to me to consider buying. Many are from his sister's collection. It seems like it would be a good rainy day pastime but the extreme damp brought out a bit of mustiness, eeew.

I had hoped to help him sell these on the FB quilt selling page but I don't think the quality is good enough.
Butterflies. Funny and chubby!

Baskets, most sadly worn and faded. I kept 4.

Basted Crazy block.

Softly faded and so sweet, Chimney Sweep. Feedsack fabric, 1930-40, like the Butterflies. (Lori says our group's next project will use soft faded fabrics, especially pinks! Intriguing. I hope I don't regret not keeping these.)

Three duck egg blue Stars. Faded and worn but I have a plan for them. How could I say no to my fav color!

Sunbonnet Sues and a Tulip:

 She's a funny Sue with no hands or hands in pockets and very odd feet! If I was making a Sue doll quilt, I'd maybe use these on the back, to preserve them. Or the 4 plus the Tulip might make a sweet little quilt? [Never used.]

Big set of pre-1900 blocks. I asked on another quilt FB page for name of the block, but no one knows. I call it Anvil.  Beautifully hand pieced, interesting fabrics. Never used. Some bad color runs and mustiness, aging of the cream muslin. But still. Probably will keep them.

I mention ''never used'' because many times dealers sell recycled quilt blocks, taken from worn and damaged tops or tied quilts. The individual blocks sell for more than a quilt these days, rather sad, though better to preserve what is usable than to discard entirely. The salvaged bits and pieces can be wonderful inspiration for someone like me who is willing to rescue and reuse.
Have a good week!



gone to the beach...

PS Don't forget to leave a comment on the Doll quilts post  HEREor email me for a chance to win a little quilt!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Planting Season

Hello everyone! Another week has gone by, on our headlong rush to Summer! A whole year has passed so so quickly. That said, this has been a mostly quiet time for me at the beach---the lull before the busy-ness of summer. This week I've been sewing the binding on P2, so it may be ready for summer use. Sunflowers, the antique rescue quilt, is also in work for binding and since it's smaller it should go faster. As Mo and I sit out and sew, I've been watching the [choppy, cold] ocean, hoping to see a whale. The whalies on P2 remind me to be watchful. Whales have been sighted recently; I haven't seen a whale in quite a few years, always a thrill.

We had a few brilliantly sunny days. Brisk winds and chilly but I decided to get my deck pots planted.
I plan to have more pots this summer to block Mo from certain areas where he gets into trouble, places he can see or hear folks going by. He has made strides in not barking, but why tempt him?

My grocery store sells small bags of potting soil. I think they're 10 pounds. I buy a couple each week. The smaller size is more manageable for me than one large hugely heavy bag. I also fill the bottoms of the very large pots with empty plastic containers, like detergent or bleach bottles, rinsed well, caps on. Shipping peanuts are a better filler but the plastic bottles are free and, well, here. The reason to do this is twofold: it reduces the amount of soil used and, 2- it makes the pots not be quite so heavy.

This is an Elephant Ear bulb! Slightly obscene but the big tropical fronds are so rewarding!

My friends gave them to me as a gift from the big winter flower show, along with these beautiful cannas.

The Elephant Ear from last summer wintered well under my sink in a Baggie. It has lots of little offshoots that may grow into full bulbs over the coming years. I planted it with the rest of the cannas and these big blue pompom things. Not sure the pompoms are what I am thinking of, the name is unfamiliar.

This is my  year round pot. My lavender has regrown nicely. Two summers ago it was just a single sad little sprig from the farmers market. It has done well! The lilies were planted last summer but did not grow. They look very hopeful this year though. If they're what I m thinking, they should be a clear deep red, rare for lilies.

I sprinkled the CL freebie marigold seeds in that pot too, and some of the wildflower mix. A blogging friend, I think Tammy, did the wildflower seeds in pots and she had fun seeing what actually grew. I'll sneak the rest of the packet of seeds down to the marshy dunes approach where every year I try to get something to grow wild. [But never does.] This mix is native wildflowers similar to the wildflowers at the saltmarsh so if they did take hold they'd be acceptable. And they are food for bees.

I'll add sunflower seeds this week in my pots and when I get the rest of the soil in, I'll do two more pots with these pretty dahlias.

It will be suspenseful! We'll have to see what grows and what disappoints.

I'm pacing myself but I'm taking over most of Mo's walks these days. Sadly that means no beach walks for now, but Mo is so happy and of course the dogwalker is a big expense. Here is the view from the beach bench the other day. Looks ominous!

And most days at lunchtime , we walk to the koi pond.

They're very big and rowdy now. Beautiful in a creepy fishy way?

Don't believe a word of the weather channel stories about a spring heat wave in the Northeast.

By evening walk time I still must wear warm pants, multiple tee shirts, a cashmere turtleneck sweater, and a windproof fleece jacket. Plus a Lycra head band/ earwarmer. Brrr. Cold wind still howling in from the chilly ocean.

Today Mo had a visit from the groomer van. He looks appalled, doesn't he, as I told him we were off to meet her.

He actually loves the groomer and he smells like tropical punch now.

He was so sweet, the groomer gave him TWO crappy chicken jerky sticks.  Prob he'll puke later,lol.
Sad to report though that even a professional bathing/ brushing/ blow out did not conquer the wild poufs of spring shedding fur.

Here's my cute Mothers Day gift, from my daughter.

Have a lovely weekend!



gone to the beach.....

PS Big envelope of quilt blocks came, from a friend! I ll show them to you next week.

Even few Baskets! love..