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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink Lemonade Auditions

 Hi! Today I am "auditioning" yellow calicoes for my doll quilt...

Yes! I am caught up, more or less, and have all the blocks made.

I love this quiltalong, from Lori at Humble Quilts...so fun.
Here is the antique inspiration quilt again:
Humble Quilts

And here is Lori's adorable version...
Humble Quilts

 Here's my choices:

I thought I'd want the cheddar-y yellow[far left] but it didn't work at all....
This is the closest to both the original and Lori's version; it's brighter than in my pix. It makes my tiny blocks ''pop'' without overwhelming them...

Looks good?

But I had the notion I don't exactly want a pink and bright yellow quilt, whatever will I do with it?
So I tried this odd black and purple repro...Oh my, no! And, tho I don't have photos, I also tried two wonderful antique fabrics :one was tan with tiny figurals in red and black; the other a classic tiny sprig shirting, black on white. Again, no. Not bad, just---blah?

So okay I have a print. But I'm not so fond of foulard type calicoes, they lack sweetness and charm for me. This is my absolute fav, below, a violent chrome yellow and black tiny floral. It doesn't 'pop' quite as perfectly, but I love the very old fashioned-y Pennsylvania Dutch look of it, just so out-there bright, who cares, we like it! look. Must be in my genes, lol.

So now again...choices.

And then the back! A feedsack? I have my eye on a cutie on eBay. Or wildly busy Prussian blue repro surprise? Both?

Not quite what I had in mind...but I like them!

And then of course I'll need a story: Who made this quilt? Why, when, where...whose mama sewed it, what dolly slept beneath it. Ideas? Scenario? Anyone?

Note: I found the cheddar yellows and chrome yellows at a site called: Common Threads . They were fast and efficient, great selection of antique-looking fabrics. However the new to me manufacturer of many of the yellows wouldn't be one I'd actively choose again. All their yellows faded noticeably when pre-washed. And they were ''finished'' so crookedly that the grain is about 4" off, so I am losing quite a lot of fabric when I square things up. Not sure how the foulard will cut, if it is printed crooked? Which may be a deciding factor for the other print.....

notice #1, and #3?
these are antique/vintage fabrics
that held their color perfectly!
Have a great weekend!



self-portrait 8, January 12

gone to the beach...

Note: two inspiration photos and block design kindly and generously shared with permission form Lori at Humble Quilts . Thanks, Lori!


  1. The story will make it even more beautiful!
    Have fun!!!

    1. Im love making up the story! Isit in the sand under my umbrella and picuture the long ago scene...and little girl. I ll post it next summer...a long wait but ,,,,worth it?



  2. I like the one you have on it in most of the pictures. .the lighter yellow with red and black.. that makes the pink really stand out..
    very pretty.. u r doing a great job!

    1. Hi Michelle! In my heart and designer 'eye' I know that's the right one, but I love the other print, so...I am still waffling here...no need to rush anyone once the tiny blocks are sewn.



  3. dear Lizzy

    i love the two dark ones at the end, both are unusual...perfect actually.

    love margaret

  4. loved seeing your auditions and i had a pretty hard time deciding myself.
    those prussion blue~made my heart skip beats~!


  5. I had to smile while reading your post because reading about your audition reminded me of what I went through. In the end, I wanted mine to be as close to the original as possible although there are some fabrics that snuck into mine that are not true repros.
    It is fun to think about who made these little quilts and why, isn't it? :)

  6. I loved seeing the lovely stack of yellows and your thought process! One of these days I may have a grandaughter that will love a yellow and pink quilt for her doll. It doesn't match anything in my house but it sure is sweet!
    Thanks for playing along.

  7. I loved seeing all the different choices you have for the quilt. I'm not sure which one I would pick but know the one you pick will be the right one and the best ever. Can't wait to see it done.

  8. I too had difficulty with yellows! In the end my colors were more subtle than the original or Lori's remake. It's great to share your choices and thoughts. I nearly went with a green print for a Pink Limeade but in the end found a yellow I loved. Enjoy!

  9. I like the yellow with pink don't you? I wondered if the original quilter just happened to have those fabrics and made do, or if it was a plan. It certainly holds up to the test of time!


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